Lighten Your Lips With Food!

If anyone like myself cannot leave the house without applying tinted lips product – always being conscious of having dark, dull lips. This post is made for you! When I don’t apply makeup, my dark lips have always make face looks tired and most of all, it makes me looks unhealthy. Say good-bye to your dark lips and run to the kitchen! Here are some Kitchen remedies to naturally lighten up your lips!

Causes of Dark Lips

Lip products in general can cause your lips to darken – whether it is due to expired products or using products from untrustworthy companies. Sometimes, having excessive caffeine and hot drinks is just as bad. Caffeine does not only stain your teeth, but also your lips. Dehydration also contributes to the cause of dark lips. Make sure to drink enough water and keep your lips hydrated b applying lip balm. Using lip balms with SPF is a plus, since the sun is another cause. Just like any other part of your skin, you have to protect your lips from the sun!

Ways to Lighten Your Lips

Just like your skin, dead cells have to be exfoliated. This can be done daily and easily using baby tooth brush. Exfoliate every morning then apply petroleum jelly to moisturise your lips.

Lip massaging can also help. With few drops of almond oil, massage your lips before going to bed. Almond oil will renew dead cells as well as keeping your lips moisturised.


Alternatively, there are some other kitchen remedies to naturally lighten your lips!

  1. Lemon and Coconut Overnight Lip Balm


Lemon juice will help reduce darkness. While glycerin from coconut oil will moisturise your lips.

Mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice with 3 to 4 drops of coconut oil. Apply the mixture overnight.


  1. Honey and Lemon Lip Mask


Mix a tiny bit of honey and lemon juice. Apply the mixture on your lips and rub gently. After 5 minutes, rinse off the mask on your lips. You can repeat this daily to get rosy lips!


  1. Beetroot Juice

When using regularly, beetroot can make your lips turn healthy looking!

Apply fresh beetroot juice on your lips and leave it for 10 minutes – or overnight to see the effectiveness before washing them off. Another fun way to try is to freeze beetroot juice in an ice tray. To use, just rub the ice onto your lips!


Time to try out these methods! Which works best for you? Let us know!




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