2 Ingredient Natural Tanning

It’s wonderful to have a soft, glowing tan, but not so wonderful is the UV radiation from the sun and tanning beds that is damaging to all forms of life on Earth in large doses…*bom bom BOM*. In come DIY tanning lotions!


What to Avoid in Tanning Lotions

Sodium hydroxymethl glycinate: masquerades around as a ‘natural preservative’ but in high doses is a skin and eye irritant.

Mineral oil: is used because it’s slippery and allows the tanning product to spread more easily It’s also a derivative of petroleum, and blocks your pores.

Let’s Get DIY Tanning

1. Cocoa Lotion


Ingredients: ½ cup unscented white lotion, ¼ cup cocoa powder (as much as needed)

Steps: Combine the ingredients together and mix until blended. Adjust the recipe until it matches the colour you want, and smooth over your skin daily for a gradual deep tan.

2. Tea Me Tan Spray


Ingredients: ½ cup unscented white lotion, 3 teabags brewed in 1 cup water (to get richer colour)

Steps: Mix together the lotion and tea until you get your desired colour. Put the mixture into a spray bottle and apply.

Did this give you the soft glow you’re looking for? Share below!


2 thoughts on “2 Ingredient Natural Tanning

  1. Wow! You can use tea bags as a natural alternative to skin tan? I did not know that. I’ve heard other assortments, but not tea. That’s wonderful. I’ll definitely be recommending this to friends who like to do the occasional tanning. Does this work only with the ingredients you’ve listed here?


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