4 Ways to Detoxify Your Skin with Green Tea


I love green tea. Green tea has so much health benefits. My mum has been consistently drinking green tea everyday to detox (and she said it makes her look younger). Not only her health benefits, they make excellent beauty products as well! When I hear the word “Green Tea” I just feel like it’ll probably clean deep deep down layers of my skin. I guess that is true! Green tea is possibly one of the most common DIY beauty ingredients. Here’s why:

Why Green Tea?

By drinking green tea, you will notice the difference it is making towards your skin and health. When combining with skincare products, it’ll make wonders for your skin! Green tea contains anti-inflammatory properties, which is great for people with oily, acne prone skin as they have the ability to treat acne. They help to reduce open and large pores. Together with ‘Tea Tree Oil’, they will reduce the pore size as well as controlling oil secretion, preventing acne. To get the best result, it is better to use organic green tea than products that “claims” to contain green tea.

Ways to Use Green Tea

green tea

What’s your favourite use of Tea? Would love to discover new recipes!


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