Freshen Up The Foot

For this special post, we are collaborating with GlassSlippers to present to you guys, ‘Best Ways to Treat your Feet’. I walk a lot in my daily basis – whether it’s to class, shopping, let alone going for a jog. But I for one never really taken care of my feet, despite all the things my … More Freshen Up The Foot

Rice Water Magic!

Since I was young my mum have always told me about the benefits of rice or rice water towards the skin. After doing some research, she was right. Rice water was the secret ingredient for flawless skin of Japanese geishas for centuries. Next time cooking rice, I wouldn’t throw away rice water to waste – … More Rice Water Magic!

Remove Heavy Eye Makeup with Coconut Oil

The more I research, the more I’m fascinated by how much ingredients in our kitchen could do! Natural, organic, and vegan! This week’s ‘Beauty Hack Special’ presents ‘DIY Waterproof Eye Make up Remover’. This is the best, easiest, fastest way to remove waterproof eyeliner, eye shadows, mascara and anything. No need to spend extra money … More Remove Heavy Eye Makeup with Coconut Oil